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Strategy and Operations
Systems are the backbone of every business. Companies are bought and merged based on their business systems.

It is imperative to have a strong business system within your organization. We are capable of walking into any company and creating the right structure and business system that will allow our clients’ companies to run smoothly and become self-sufficient organizations.

Creative Design
Professional visuals are important to setting the perception and direction for your business.

Building marketing materials such as postcards, brochures, mailers, business cards, video productions and more are all strong components to establishing your business in front of your audience.

Sales and Marketing
You can have the best widget ever created but you need visuals and marketing to get it out to your audience.

Through our vast amount of experience and successes over the years, we set our client’s up to look professional and appeal to their audiences. With innovative designs, marketing materials and processes that will ATTRACT and RETAIN your base.

We work to bring in more revenue to any business we consult with.

Putting the right plan together in order to bring more revenue to a business is extremely important to their ability to sustain themselves and succeed. Adding additional products and services can expand the market reach therefore creating more revenue to the business.

Every entertainment company needs to be ran like a sustainable and profitable BUSINESS.

Whether it’s the music BUSINESS or the film BUSINESS, it is imperative to have your entertainment company structured and professionally ran. Business systems, proper financing, effective branding are all important to operate a successful entertainment company.

Mobile and Web Applications
Technology is everywhere we look and the Internet has catapulted companies to great success.

We can help you leverage the usage of technology and the Internet to attract more customers, offer additional services and create your Internet presence as a “business within a business.” From iPhone and Android mobile applications to web-based games and software development, we can consult you in the right direction with your technology needs.

Whether you are branding yourself as an expert in your field or branding your company as a trustworthy brand, it is valuable to have a clear plan to expose yourself and your company.

Branding comes in many different forms. From your social media pages to your website to your image, you must project a consistent style that will separate you from your competitors.

We work with several investors and financial institutions that provide funding for businesses which gives us profound expertise to provide guidance needed to establish your capital needs.

The HELLON Corporation is experienced with structuring your business to be prepared for financing. Whether you are looking for angel investing, venture capital, bank loans or want to start off bootstrapping your business, we can give you the right approach to make sure your company has the resources to be successful.

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