Creating a S.I.M.P.L.E. approach to building your business.


You would never get in your car and travel from California to New York without a map to direct where you are going so you should never start your business without a solid strategy.  Understanding your vision, your goals, how you would measure success and having a solid business and marketing plan are all essential tools to getting your business off to the right start.

  • Business Assessment
  • Vision Statement
  • Identify Goals and Objectives (“The HOW Factor”)
  • Success Measurements Matrix
  • Revenue Stream Analysis (“Action 2 Achieve – A2A”)
  • Organizational Chart
  • Business Plan Development/Analysis
  • Marketing Plan Development

Understanding who you are as well as your customers and business are important to the creation of a strong brand.  From your logo to your print materials to your website and social media, your identity needs to speak to your audience in a clear and valuable manner.

  • Brand Assessment (Web, Print, Image)
  • Online Assessment
  • Identify Target Market/Demographics
  • Conduct Focus Groups
  • Interview Existing Customers and Partners
  • Identify Business Services/Products
  • Value Proposition

You know your company, understand your target market and who your customers are…now it is time to deliver your message them.  “If you build it, they will come” might have worked in the movies but in real life, you have to go out and get your customers.

  • Website Questionnaire/Analysis
  • Marketing Strategies (“Attract/Retain” methodology)
  • Marketing Tools Assessment
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Public Relation Strategies

Strong businesses are built on their processes.  Their ability to produce a consistent means of delivering your product or service.  Businesses are bought and sold based on having efficient and effective processes.

  • Business Model Development/Analysis
  • Sales Process
  • Transactional Process
  • Management Process
  • Operational Process

We must ALWAYS be on a path of learning.  Executives and managers have an incredible amount of responsibility to lead their teams so having a strong consultant and development plan to help them through that journey will make them more effective and efficient leaders.

  • Executive Coaching
  • Articles/Websites of Interest
  • Recommended Reading
  • Seminars/Webinars
  • Pitch Preparation (media, customers, investors)

Success is not built overnight nor is it built by one person.  It is all about your team and their ability to execute the strategies and processes setup within the company.

  • Team Building
  • Marketing Tool Development
  • Execute Action Plan
  • Execute Marketing Plan
  • Regularly Monitor Executable Items